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The first batch of Toulouse eggs have finished (nearly), only 2 out of 10 hatched as yet, 6 had started developing but then stopped for some reason and I have 2 still in the hatcher but I don’t hold much hope for them. My second batch is due to hatch in just over another week so I hope I have more success with them.

The Buff Oprington eggs were even less successful, all 10 were infertile, the hen has been broody and was sitting on at least 9 eggs, when I checked her a couple of days ago she only has 2 eggs left, I’m presuming she (or the cockerel) who sleeps in with her must have eaten them as there is no sign of shell or anything? I’ve put another batch of 6 in the incubator and if these are infertile I’ll have to review our cockerel situation!!

We acquired last Sunday 3 new ducks, 1 pair of black indian runners and 1 white runner drake to bring some nice new blood into our ducks.

The good news is the 2 goslings are growing like made and are just discovering thinks like grass which is great fun, I’ll get some photos on soon, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I didn’t mistakenly pick up 2 Brecon Buff goose eggs when setting up the incubator!!


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