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Hive dried out

15 Jan

Quick update to say the hive has dried out nicely already, should have made sure I’d cleared all the dead bees out in December, hopefully the damp hasn’t done too much harm, hindsight is a great thing!!


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Finally getting around to updating things!

I’d sort of promised myself to set to and work on the site over the winter months and when we get there the weathers been that bad that most of my time has been spent outside sorting things out because of the snow and when I’ve been inside I cant use the laptop because Ian’s been PHing (Piston heads to the uninformed) as he can’t do any of his outside jobs!(Well that’s my excuse and it’s a good one).

But getting back to normal this week, weather milder (dogs spent 3 hours in the field in the sun while I cleared ditches yesterday…..bliss!) but I’ve put aside half an hour in the dark each morning to do some work on this site…..hurray!!

So keep checking for updates, I promise I’ll get there!!

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