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Sudo creme update

It worked a treat on the turkeys snoods, all nicely healed now, only had to apply it for a couple of days, worth a mention I thought.


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Hurray, first 3 goose eggs all clean and ready for the incubator, just need another 7 now!!! Hurry up girls

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First duck eggs

At last, the runners have started to lay, an egg yesterday and one today, the chickens have been fighting over the best nests and they’ve settled into laying nicely now, I can finely put my eggs for sale sign back up, the neighbours have all being patiently waiting for it!

Just waiting for the geese now, they’ve been mating on the pools for a few weeks now but no ones laid an egg yet, wish the weather would warm up a bit, oh and the turkey stags had a major set to a couple of days ago, they do this now and again, but both have some wounds on their snoods and the bottom of the snood is a bit swollen so I’ve tried sudo cream on them as its a bit of an awkward thing to treat so we’ll see how successful that is.

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