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Hive dried out

15 Jan

Quick update to say the hive has dried out nicely already, should have made sure I’d cleared all the dead bees out in December, hopefully the damp hasn’t done too much harm, hindsight is a great thing!!


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Bee check

I checked the bees on Thursday and was pleasantly suprised, they’ve still got good stores, spotted the queen, and some brood though she didn’t seem to have much room for laying so I’ve put a super on as I want to feed them some 1:1 syrup as I need to give them a vitagold feed treatment. The bees have been coming in with pollen so that’s a good sign. Hopefully I’ve done the right things as it’s a lot of guess work for a newbie.

The other hives are all oiled now and nicely weathered, I’ve just got to start putting some frames together for the nationals and get the lift built for the Warre………………………any offers????

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Finally finished oiling and waxing the Warre hive yesterday so it’s out into the apiary today, hopefully into its final position, to weather up before the swarm arrives, very exciting to see it in situ, just need to get the lift built now as there’s no way I’m going to manage to lift any of it up when nadiring!

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So far so good

The bees were flying last week on a mild day we had, I’m so pleased they’ve made it this far. They’ve also only just started taking the fondant I put in the hive on christmas day so they must have had ok stores up till now.

I’ve also started to get my Warre hive ready, I’m coating the outside in boiled linseed oil and using beeswax on the inside, I’ve read somewhere that this is a good way to get it set up so heres hoping, I’ll get it outside and weathered up in time for the swarm season and then we’ll see how we go, I’m also hoping to get another National set up this spring and maybe another Warre at some point.

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